Echostore Buys

We had some recent great purchases from ECHOStore. We bought a great body scrub and shampoo.

In our goal to use more organically made products, we were so happy to find this body scrub in the store. My husband loves using body scrub. We bought feel so clean after.

The smell of the ZEN Wheatbran Honey Almond Intensive Care Body scrub was so nice. It was not too strong, but it gave that hint of smell that you love indicating that you have just showered. After using the product, you feel so smooth and silky all over. That’s the feeling I want to have after I shower.

Another product that we bought is the Ilog Maria Honey and Propolis Shampoo. We’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of this product. If you are having that endless battle with dandruff, then do try this product.

It is handmade in the Ilog Maria Farm. Three times I wanted to visit this place, but I never go to go. I was so pleased to see it in EchoStore. After using the shampoo, you will feel a hint of minty and cool feeling on your scalp. The smell was also so nice. It doesn’t lather that much on your hair though, so don’t expect such a thing to happen. It’s really very effective though in eliminating dandruff and cleaning your hair and scalp.

Try to visit ECHOStore. They have lots of interesting stuff there that promote sustainable development. It’s a cool place!