Counting One’s Blessings

As I watch the proclamation of our now President elect Benigno Aquino III, I can’t help but notice the newly elected Mayor of Makati and son VP elect Jejomar Binay, Junjun Binay.

Last August 2009, the 29 year old wife of Junjun Binay, Kennely Binay died of placenta praevia. This is a disorder where the placenta is attached to the uterine wall close to the cervix.
Wife of Junjun binay

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I heard about this during that time, but never really got to check deep into the story. I only researched about this disease after I heard that I was threatened to have the same kind of outcome if I had been given a child and not a placenta without a baby.

What I have right now is placenta accreta, where the placenta is deeply attached to the muscles of the uterus. Placenta praevia is where the accreta happens near the cervix.

Placenta Preavia from Wikipedia

Placenta Preavia from Wikipedia

There are types of placenta praevia:

placenta praevia

placenta praevia 2

Here are some videos that can help you understand what placenta accreta is:

I always thought the pregnancy was easy or that it would be easy for me. I never thought I would have this disease that would attack 5% of pregnant women.

They say that the only cure right now is to melt the remaining placenta in my body. I’m hoping that after this first course of chemotherapy, everything goes back to normal. We, of course, can only try to have a baby after 1 year, but I pray and I hope that everything with that baby would be perfect. I am writing this because although everything was really hard for me and my husband to go through all of these things, I still consider this a blessing. I consider my miscarriage a blessing since if I went through the 9 months, the accreta would have engulfed my uterus deeper and I would have lost any chance of having a baby. It may even have caused me my life.

I’m sharing this information for all of my friends who are pregnant, who plan to be pregnant for the first time or those who want to be pregnant again. Try to eat and live healthy. And most especially, don’t forget to pray.

Have a healthy pregnancy!