Preparing for Halloween

I had quite a busy week. It was good though that we had a long weekend to spend time resting. Although, for me, I had to do a lot of stuff for my websites. It was a good week for our team. As you have heard, I have joined the LEAD program at work and my first rotation brought me to Product Development. We had our first challenge for the team last week when we presented in Marketing Management Development Academy (as we so fondly call … MMDA). We presented a great new idea and we were happy that the executives thought that our idea was great, too! We had our first group hug that day!

Product Development

Product Development Team

This week, i’ll be busy preparing for the Bank’s Halloween event. Hmm, I hope everyone does well. Each of the units had picked from a basket of different topics and they were asked to prepare and decorate their unit with their own interpretation of the theme. The winner will receive 9 thousand pesos.

Grabe! “kina-career” itong event na to! A lot of the units are busy preparing for this event. I’ll be sure to share the pictures in this blog. haha! I wonder who will win this competition. This event was organized by HR and by LEAD Team Batch 2 (which I am proudly part of!). Go go go!