Scarcity doesn’t exist in the Intarwebz!

Scarcity does not affect Bloggers

Scarcity in the internet

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People always have this thinking that there is not enough of everything for everyone. I guess that’s the problem with tangible things, they always give the wrong impression. People panic over the mere thought that something may be “out of stock”. We can seem to get that horrible thought out of our minds that a person may have something that we don’t? (pwede ba yun! hmp! that cant be :P).

That’s what I like about the intarwebzzz… the blogosphere and all these computer space. I can build a lot of blogs and I can post a lot of ideas and I wouldn’t mind if another person posts the same idea (Please, just don’t make it an exact replica of my post). I wouldn’t mind if another builds 50 sites, because the idea of scarcity doesn’t exist here.

In fact, I can go to numerous sites and I can suggest these to friends and I wouldn’t mind. I can ping any article that I would like to share. I can link up to these sites and even ask them to link up to me. I also wouldn’t mind sharing links, or clicking on ads of other sites. The concepts of sharing and giving exists are taught.

If only the world outside the world wide web didn’t have the idea of scarcity, then I think people would be helping one another and would be giving in and sharing their wealth to the less fortunate.