The Love the Leap Program is an entrepreneurship program that I personally designed. My wish for this course is to see aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own businesses confidently and successfully. Every month, I will take in up to 15 courageous individuals and I will work with them by guiding them through an intensive program from planning to marketing their own business. This will be a hands-on workshop designed to create a tangible and viable plan that can help them succeed. The course is divided into 3 whole day sessions, with 1 week break in between, so participants can complete assigned homework that aim to further solidify their business ideas and plans.

Course Outline
  1. The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Coming up with a Business Idea

    1. The Entrepreneurial Spirit!
    2. Why are we doing this?
    3. On Vacation and Still Earning?
    4. Business Ideation: Looking for that Bright Idea!
  2. Planning

    1. Industry Research
    2. Competitive Research and Analysis
    3. Defining your Target Market
    4. Defining your Vision and Mission
    5. Identifying your Unique selling Proposition
    6. Creating Business Projections
    7. Planning the company structures and processes
  3. Marketing Plan

    1. Marketing 101
    2. Principles of Marketing
    3. Segmentation and Targeting
    4. Branding and Brand Positioning
    5. Developing the Marketing Plan
    6. Creating a Social Media Strategy!
    7. Going to Market
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