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Whisk Ladies

Turning a Hobby into a Business (Episode 6)

I love talking about this topic. Why? Because I think people who ask me the question on how to turn a hobby into a business is on the right track. For one, you need not ask them if they have the heart for this certain endeavor, because obviously they do. The question of what they […]


Should I Create a Business Plan? (Episode 5)

I get so sad when I see businesses fail, especially when it could have been avoided by proper planning. There are actually things that you can already plan for even before starting your business. There are so many reasons why you should write everything down on paper or at least “something” on paper. In this […]


Where do Business Ideas Come From? (Episode 4)

One of the most frequent questions that comes up during conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs is where can they find that business idea? What idea can they tak In today’s episode, I mention tips and steps to take on how to find that idea that you can implement and make your own. I’m a fan of […]

Love the Leap Checklist image

Love the Leap Checklist (Episode 3)

I just came from an event for Manila Startup Week yesterday and the first question was, when did you realize that you wanted to take that leap of faith towards freelancing or solopreneurship. The event was actually called Freelance Camp and the audience was comprised of freelancers and entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be. […]

Ron Dizon from Bayani Brew and wife, Nikki Dizon

Making the Big Leap (Episode 2)

We get to read and watch a lot of stories about how people got into the business that they are currently in. These stories serve as inspiration to a lot of people. For this episode, a huge thing that I realized when I personally went into entrepreneurship is that this decision affects not only your […]

For Feature

Purpose of GTV (Episode 1)

Wow! I can’t believe that I’m finally releasing my first video. Two years ago, this was just a dream that I wanted to turn into reality. This channel, together with the rebranding of my program and this site were huge projects that I wanted to finish this year. These all took months of planning and […]


I am launching GTV

I am Launching GTV! I love how different and unique tools are available for us to use. Would you ever have guessed that by just Googling, you would already get answers to your questions? Would you have ever guessed that talking to anyone anywhere in the world would be free of charge? There are a […]

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