Love the Leap Checklist (Episode 3)

I just came from an event for Manila Startup Week yesterday and the first question was, when did you realize that you wanted to take that leap of faith towards freelancing or solopreneurship. The event was actually called Freelance Camp and the audience was comprised of freelancers and entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be. This isn’t the first time that I have been asked this question. I think that this has become a ‘staple’ question of interviewers, readers, viewers who want to know the backstory behind people who have survived and succeeded in reaching and achieving their dreams of being an entrepreneur.

We all wish that we could have a blueprint or a checklist that would help guide us make the decision. Well, I have made this checklist that I hope would help you all in making that important decision.

Love the Leap Checklist image

Please do watch this episode and I hope that you like it! I hope you can join my webinar upcoming webinars and my next run of Love the Leap. Please do check out for the schedules!

Full Disclosure:
Thank you to Sun Life for sponsoring my production costs for this particular episode!

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