Making the Big Leap (Episode 2)

We get to read and watch a lot of stories about how people got into the business that they are currently in. These stories serve as inspiration to a lot of people. For this episode, a huge thing that I realized when I personally went into entrepreneurship is that this decision affects not only your life, but the lives of the people that you love — your spouse, your parents, etc.

Ron Dizon from Bayani Brew and wife, Nikki Dizon

Ron Dizon from Bayani Brew and wife, Nikki Dizon

bayani brew

We often just see or hear the story from the main man (or woman!) of the entrepreneurship story, but we don’t get to hear from the people around them. For this episode, I decided to invite the Dizons (both husband and wife) to get the POV from both parties. I would like to thank them for being such great guests and for being very candid and open. This episode is dedicated to people who need that extra support and for those who are in doubt if one of them can really and actually go take that leap!

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