Purpose of GTV (Episode 1)

Wow! I can’t believe that I’m finally releasing my first video. Two years ago, this was just a dream that I wanted to turn into reality. This channel, together with the rebranding of my program and this site were huge projects that I wanted to finish this year. These all took months of planning and preparation.

But from the three projects that I mentioned, creating this YouTube channel was something that I feared the most. Talking in front of the camera is something that I am really scared of (so, I’m sorry if I had grammatical errors or if I looked uncomfortable, because I really was!). I never thought that creating this takes so much time and effort, too! We had our taping from 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening. I never thought that these short episodes of 5 minutes each required hours and hours of shooting.

For the content, creating it is what I love. I really put a lot of thought into what goes into each video. For the first video, I wanted to discuss the purpose of GTV (basically, just to introduce the channel) and to tell you what aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners can expect from this channel. I hope that you continue to support our GTV channel by subscribing!

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