I am launching GTV

I am Launching GTV!

I love how different and unique tools are available for us to use. Would you ever have guessed that by just Googling, you would already get answers to your questions? Would you have ever guessed that talking to anyone anywhere in the world would be free of charge? There are a lot of things that we have always wanted, but we always thought that it would be impossible to do. Looking at the world we live in now, everything seems to be possible — and it probably is.

All the goals that we have can be achieved easily by using technology. Technology helps hasten things. Which is why, I felt the need to use technology already to make my personal dream come true.
I have this personal goal is helping aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses. I even gave myself a number which is to help 500 Filipino entrepreneurs start their own businesses by 2020. I started with offering my own program called Love the Leap. It was working but the growth was slow. I needed to move fast.

Why do I want to achieve this number?

If we, the Philippines, want to stay competitive, especially with the ASEAN Integration, we need to show the world that our economy is improving. The best way to help, in our own little way, is to create jobs for the unemployed. Jobs can be made if businesses succeed. If I can help aspiring entrepreneurs create 500 new businesses by 2020, given a conservative figure of 5 people per company that will generate 2,500 jobs. I think that’s not bad for my own goal.

Why care so much?

If my daughter will live in a generation where the parents of these children have secured their children’s futures financially, and have concentrated on bringing up their children to be morally upright, independent, confident, happy and caring individuals, I will be happy. If i can help some people from our generation (probably the parents of these batch mates of my daughter) achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, then maybe the future will be brighter. There is so much going on in the world (and country) today — violence, hunger, hatred that I think the least I could do is concentrate on things that would be of service to the country and the world even.

Launch of GTV

Fear is useless. That’s what I kept on telling myself during the past months of busily preparing for the launch of this YouTube Channel called GTV: Love the Leap. I created GTV with the purpose of trying to reach more aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to start their own businesses all around the globe. I have been creating offline workshops, but I wanted to do so much more. I then thought that YouTube would be a good platform which I could use to reach more Filipinos all over the world. Each episode would deal with specific topics like digital marketing, branding, payment channels, etc. For each episode, it would either be me talking about my own experiences or I might have a guest/s that will contribute and share their ideas.

My Personal Challenges

I may seem like I have got it all covered, but the one thing that I fear is speaking in front of the camera — ALONE! I don’t know how the really great speakers like my idols Marie Forleo, Ramit Sethi, etc. do it. The shoot for the teaser, where I didn’t have to speak, was pretty easy. What was really difficult was the first day of the shoot for the episodes. Oh my! I had so many takes! I really appreciate my production team headed by my good friend, April Reyles (btw, she is a really really good producer — hire her!) and Joshua Reyles (and of course with my dear husband, Ej) because without them, I couldn’t have pulled this off. They were very professional and very patient with me. They understood that I wasn’t used to this kind of a thing. Oh my gosh! I really never knew that speaking in front of the camera as compared to speaking in a conference would be more difficult!

I mentioned that we already have the teaser for GTV. Here it is! I hope you like it.

My wish…

I would like to invite you to subscribe to GTV by going to http://bit.ly/gtvchannel ;) please also subscribe to my mailing list at gingerarboleda.com. Also, please feel free to email me at ginger@mommyginger.com for questions on entrepreneurship that you might have or you can email me about things or people that you think I could feature or talk about. Also, (i’ll just say this) production of this series is quite costly. If you’re a brand who’s willing to sponsor any episode or episodes, please contact me at ginger@mommyginger.com :)

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope that you support me in achieving my dream.

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