How Do You Know He’s The One

I vividly remember asking a ‘mommy’ friend from the gym, how she knew that her husband was “the one”. She married when she was 23 years old and they are still married. She just utttered, “basta, you’ll just know.

It was the same way with my mom and dad. My mom was 22 that time and my dad was 27. They knew each other from way back, since my dad was a college friend. My mom said that she just knew that dad was the one for her, even if there were tons of men courting her.

In December of 2007, I met EJ. My first impression was, he was tall and a bit ‘geeky’ looking, with his braces and glasses. It may be because I haven’t dated anyone with glasses or braces before. And I haven’t dated anyone that tall. I usually stop at 5 feet and 8 inches (I don’t know why). During our first date, he kept me laughing and smiling. We had a great conversation and I wanted to see him again. Did I know that he was the one during that time? Of course, not!

So when did I know he was the one? I continuously dated him. My family loved him, which was weird, because it seemed like my parents didn’t like anyone until they met him. He was the first guy that had gotten a thumbs-up from my mom. My friends loved him. He would always put a smile on their faces. He was so cool to be with and he would easily get along with anyone.

At that time, I was also inspired to do so many things. I took blogging seriously already. I was excelling at work. I became more energetic and wanted to learn new things. I wanted to become fit again and changed night outs with evening runs. I valued life and I wanted to LIVE. That was how he made me feel. I became a better person, because of him.

I guess there wasn’t really a moment that I can pinpoint on when I knew that he was Mr. Right. I just knew that everything seemed perfect and I knew that he was the reason.

So, to my single friends, you may meet a lot of people along the way, but you will know if he’s the right one for you. Everything will fall into place. Your relationship will start out perfectly and you will both become the best OF each other WITH each other.

Me and My Hubby! All so Perky!

Ej, I love you, Panggah! :)


  1. you’re sweet. :* love you too babe.

  2. aww! you read my post :) hehe

  3. nakooooowwww… daming langgam… nangangagat!!!! perky na din kase.. sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!! hihihihihi… love this couple! Be always happy!!!
    love love love!


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