A Weird Dream

Car conversation

Ginger: “You know what my dream is… to be an “extra” in a commercial.”

Ej:”Dream mo yun? If you’re going to dream, dream big. Dream to become the star… yung “Bida” naman”

Ginger: “Eh yun yung dream ko eh. I also dream to be the supporting actress in a movie. I don’t want to be the star. When will that ever happen?… *Sigh*”

Ej: “hmmm”


Do you have your own weird dreams like this? I know it’s weird, but I really wanted to be a supporting actress for any local show, or an “extra” in any commercial. Any talent managers out there? I’m ready to be an EXTRA! Share with me any weird dreams!


  1. supercheesy says:

    hi ginger! i have an invite for you. where can i email you? :)

  2. Hi! Please email me at ginger.arboleda(at)gmail.com :) Thanks!

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